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    Premier Thesis U9BM flip-up helmet

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Biondi Coprirapido (leg cover)
A real garment on your scooter protecting you against rain, wind and cold...


COPRIRAPIDO® is the accessory that fits perfectly like a real garment, to give the maximum and to improve at best your scooter or maxiscooter.


COPRIRAPIDO ® is equipped with a steel wire ring with anti-scratch sheat.
USE: Raise the saddle, pass the antithieft ring under it and close again the saddle.
The whole line COPRIRAPIDO ® is made of Original Tex W
Shelters from rain, wind and cold.
-External fabric in Original Tex W.
-Thermal ecological fur lining.
The COPRIRAPIDO ® fits to several  models,
 scooters and maxiscooters
Purposely designed to fit  several specific models of scooters and maxi-scooters,  without covering front grills, lights or radiators.
The mounting is very simple and fast ABOUT 30 - 60 seconds)
COPRIRAPIDO ® is very comfortable, as it is specifical.

The antithieft device permits to leave it mounted on the scooter with no risk.
The thermal ecological fur lining keeps the driver's legs warm.

When the scooter is standing the COPRIRAPIDO ® covers the front part of the saddle, and keep it dry.