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  • Electric scooter 1000 W
    899,00 EUR
    599,00 EUR
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Electric scooter 1000 W

Electric scooter 1000 W

899,00 EUR
599,00 EUR


The high-capacity 48V traditional lead battery has a long approx. 300 charging-cycle life-span. To replace the battery doesn't take long and inexpensive. Only € 199.- for a new set of battery wich is much cheaper than the lithium-ion based batteries at the competitors. Maximum speed is 30km/h on a flat surface. Two year warranty for the scooter and one year warranty for the battery. The scooter can be folded and fits easily into a car trunk.

Removable seat is standard equipement as well as the battery charger.


Technical specs:

1000W engine, 12AH 48V battery

Max. speed: 30km/h.

Max. reach: 30km.

Max. load 120kg.

Brake light, front and tail lights, electric horn.

Disc brakes: front and rear

Chain drive.


Price: € 899.-



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