• Belstaff Birkin's Bend blouson, navy blue
    529,90 EUR
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  • Electric scooter 1000 W
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  • Macna Borasco glove

    Macna Borasco glove

    Macna and Nitro gloves
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  • Premier Thesis U9BM flip-up helmet

    Premier Thesis U9BM flip-up helmet

    Premier flip-up helmets
    155,90 EUR
  • Stylmartin Ace cafe racer boots
    219,90 EUR
  • Stylmartin Wear urban sneakers
    139,90 EUR
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Knee protectors

Knee protektor and warmer (neoprene)

Knee protektor and warmer (neoprene)

39,90 EUR



High quality knee protector and warmer devalopped by orthopedic physicians and active motorcycle riders together.

5mm Antishock protectors absorbing the impacts onto the knees.

The 2mm thick, high quality Neoprene keeps the joints warm and prevents arthritis.

Double velcro fastening.

Useful choice for every motorcycle or scooter riders and passengers, no matter how warm is the outside temperature.

Made in Europe

Tags: Asesso

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