• Belstaff Birkin's Bend blouson, navy blue
    529,90 EUR
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  • Electric scooter 1000 W
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  • Macna Borasco glove

    Macna Borasco glove

    Macna and Nitro gloves
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  • Premier Thesis U9BM flip-up helmet

    Premier Thesis U9BM flip-up helmet

    Premier flip-up helmets
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  • Stylmartin Ace cafe racer boots
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  • Stylmartin Wear urban sneakers
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Raleri full-time visors

Raleri Light Shade Clear STD

Raleri Light Shade Clear STD

19,90 EUR



FogStop VISOR INSERTS: LightShade & PCShade

LightShade FogStop Clearpm
Raleri FogStop is the best ever antifog... ...because its antimoisture system is both absorbent and draining.

The superb optical quality of FogStopvisor inserts for helmets is due to the special material of which they're made.
FogStop inserts, available in five static colors plus a photochromatic one, install onto the visor in a safe but not damaging way thanks to their transparent Raleri gaskets. Raleri's special gaskets also improve antifog effect creating a sealed air chamber between insert and visor. You'll need anymore to remove insert and to clean it, as it will be always optically perfect.

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